A Realistic Pokemon RP

Min-Soo Ki
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6-October 17
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Nov 18 2017, 03:49 PM

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AGE:27 HOMETOWN:sootopolis city OCCUPATION:pokemon ranger FACE CLAIM:soo joo park PLAYED BY:kipper
You are a product of tragedy, but you refuse to become one yourself. You will not allow your upbringing, your backstory, to colour your experience. You are the hero of your own story.

You begin life in Sootopolis. The waters are clear and the sky is blue and Pokemon are revered as they should be. You are raised by your grandmother from birth - your parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances soon after you were born, you're told. Researchers at the Weather Institute, they just never returned home one day - you've never been able to find a straight answer why.

When your grandmother passed - peacefully, as old folks do - you were left on your own. 9 years old, not quite old enough to make a Pokemon journey, you set out nonetheless and seek to find your very first partner in life's next adventure.

You are taken to the Safari Park up near Mt. Pyre. The whole notion of captive Pokemon held for entertainment rankles but you're not old enough to figure out why - not 'til Absol appears before you. A proud Pokemon, beautiful, your hand trembles as you reach out to touch its stunning muzzle and--

A Safari Ball sails through the air, snaps onto Absol's body, twitches once, twice, three times and closes shut. Behind you, a grinning man in a khaki suit snaps a photo of himself and his beautiful wife with the ball in hand before he taps a button on his belt and it whizzes away to his PC. You never see the Absol again, but you do see the man - he wheels through the Safari Zone, pays Pokedollar after Pokedollar to capture Pokemon and keep them in hideous balls. It's enough to make you sick.

Sure, it's not illegal, but it's immoral, and it's wrong.

It takes you a few years but eventually you find your calling - being a Pokemon Ranger. You're a little young, but your verve and pent-up rage tips the scales in your favour. Your very first starter, Poochyena, has become a fierce Mightyena with just as much of a hatred (and some say a taste) for poachers as you do. A few fortuitous trades round out the roster with a Rockruff and a Furfrou, dogs who heel at your whistle and raise their hackles at strangers, just like you.

You are the undisputed alpha of your little pack, a lone wolf unfamiliar with social niceties and mores: you're uncomfortable in crowds, get anxious in cities, and long for the solace of the wilds and the companionship of your wolfpack.

Hoenn is a start - there's still plenty of corruption here, even in the fair watery isles of natural beauty so untouched by human engineering. You shudder to think of other regions; Unova with its Black City of engineering and unfeeling technology, Kalos with its bright Lumiose lights. You will cleanse it all eventually, rescue all the Pokemon from being bought and sold and captured and kept in tiny balls.

(You, yourself, refuse, even in populated areas. Your wolves are well trained, and vicious. They will not be tethered.)

For you, a perfect world is free of mankind's influence; a world where Pokemon can be free of reins and cruelty. If that's a world that doesn't have you in it, well, that's a sacrifice you're willing to make. Until then, though, you have your wolf's jaws and your jagged white mane, and you will make them safe, one by one.