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 fulfill it's prophecy, tag: ki cousin/kipper
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Oct 25 2017, 11:24 AM

The forest was not as lovely as the mountains were to Kiera. Sure they were strong and protective but they just weren't as sturdy. The air didn't feel as clean down here in the woods and she felt claustrophobic surrounded by the trees. But that didn't mean she had to stop doing her job. She grumbled a bit to herself as she dismantled a trap she'd been tipped off to by a trainer. It felt that no matter how many times she dismantled traps more and more just appeared as soon as they were gone.

She cursed when she managed to cut a finger on the corner of the rusted trap and yanked her hand back. Her espeon that sat next to her seemed to laugh at her as it twitched it's split tail. Typical for the very opinionated creature. She reached into her bag and grabbed her first aid kit so she could clean off the cut. No use getting an infection from a rusted trap an end up trapped in a doctors office.

As she was trying to place a bandaid over her finger (which has always been tricky, fingers are not meant for bandaids) her phone started to ring. Today was really not going well. The phones screen flashed 'big boss dude' across it's touch screen. She let the phone continue to ring. she really didn't have time to answer a phone call right now and answer meaningless questions when she had work to do. Besides, she was expecting her cousin to show up soon and assist with dismantling the trap an the ringtone would probably just help her find the trap.

Min-Soo Ki
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