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Soleil Marlow
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3-October 17
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Nov 21 2017, 10:20 AM

AGE:26 HOMETOWN:Konikoni City OCCUPATION:Apprentice Researcher FACE CLAIM:Sydney Bennett PLAYED BY:chava
She cries when she leaves Alola.
Alola is her home, after all, and more importantly, it is the only home she has known in her eight (and a half, she would argue) years of life. Her parents sell the house and pack up their things, giving away furniture to neighbors and bringing only what they can carry. She fills too many boxes with things she wants to keep.

Eventually, she boils it down to this: a vial of volcanic ash on a leather rope, a pearl found in the sands of Hano Beach, a collection of feathers from the nest of Rufflets her mother spent a month caring for, books with dog-earned pages and bent spines, photo album after photo album, tacky souvenirs meant for the tourists that she finds endearing.

Reminders of where she's come from. Reminders of who she is.

Lumiose City is loud.

It's beautiful and crowded and Soleil never tires of people-watching, but what strikes her most of all is the constant noise. The barking of Furfrous, the chatter of people, the honking of cabs. It's all so different from Alola. Konikoni City was popular, certainly, but the sounds were dimmer, muted, and she always smelled the sea rather than galettes and crêpes and the stink that follows urbanization.

Most importantly of all, her mother is at home here. It astounds Soleil how a woman who seemed so comfortable in Alola could thrive so much here. Her accent, lost from years spent studying and raising a child on the islands, returns in full force.

She attends school with dozens of other students, more than she ever knew in Alola, and she struggles to keep up with their names. They poke fun at her funny clothes and accent and in the same breath oo and ah over her stories of her island home. She's put in trainer school by the time she hits twelve, but rather than spending the time looking forward to the practice matches, she spends most of her time with her head in her books, observing other fights, scribbling down any detail she can remember about them.

Her first Pokémon is not one she catches.

Her mother brings home an armful of Cleffa, tiny and worn-out, taken from someone who was overbreeding them. They flood the shelters and the Pokémon Centers, and so she agreed to look after some of them for the time being. They all find their strength, one by one, heading off to a Pokémon sanctuary where those better prepared can take care of them.

All but one.

She's weak, but determined, and with her mother returning to her research, Soleil finds herself as the sole carer for this tiny thing.

Soleil knows she's doomed when she takes to calling her Dahlia.

Returning home is a more difficult decision than she thought it would be. She's spent years traveling—even without her parents these past few years, though never truly alone with her Pokémon at her side. She discovers Sinnoh's mountains and Hoenn's endless seas, and she learns and loves and lives, and it is not resignation that pushes her back to Alola. She is full of life and love and she wants to return to the place where it started, to her beloved beaches and volcanoes, to somewhere where she [i]knows[/i] she can carve out a place for herself there.

And if she meets a pretty girl while she's there, well, that wouldn't be so bad, would it?