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Olivia Valentine
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27-September 17
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Dec 1 2017, 05:53 PM

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AGE:27 HOMETOWN:Konikoni City, Alola OCCUPATION:Akala Island Kahuna FACE CLAIM:Justine Skye PLAYED BY:Stark
She is history.

Her grandmother hoarded gemstones like a dragonite, plucked each one out of that little box and said, “This is Arcanine’s Eye, for protection,” or, “Here is Spinel, and that is for beauty.”

When she passes away, Olivia inherits the box, inherits the stones, inherits the island.

She inherits loneliness, as well, but that is a resource in which she had always been rich.

Olivia is an ordinary girl and for this reason alone, Tapu Lele is sorely mistaken.

The guardian finds her on Memorial Hill, twenty-three and dressed in black. The only dark dress she owns, and she’s worn it to her parents’ funeral and then to her grandmother’s.

She looks up from her mother’s onyx stone, the one she’d chosen herself, and there is no wonder in her heart. There is no pride. She feels the teeth of responsibility lock around her as she stares at Tapu Lele and it stares back at her.

But she is nothing if not rock, and so she nods.

There is no denying the guardians.

And there is no way out.

Her parents had been archeologists. She’d stayed with her grandmother when she’d been little and they’d been away on digs in places like Sinnoh and Johto. They would send photographs and write notes on the back about what relic they’d brushed off that day, make promises that they would return soon.

But one time, they never did.

The truth never really comes out. Whenever she’d asked, her grandmother had said it was an accident.

The first day after she opens her shop, counters and cases lined with gemstones and artifacts, a man enters, the bell chiming softly above his head. He knows her name, says he worked with her parents.

For a while, he peruses, inspects lightning stones and sapphires with shrewd eyes. He then turns those eyes on her.

It takes her a few moments to find the courage and ask. She’s slightly embarrassed, but he merely sighs. The white hair growing by his ears makes him seem older than he is.

“It was a cofagrigus,” he tells her. “Swallowed them right up, like they were nothing.”

She blinks, and a nervous laugh bubbles out. “I don’t believe it.”

And she doesn’t, not for a long time after. It’s a ghost story, an old wives’ tale. But she reads all she can on the pokemon, she stays up late and imagines how it must have been, to be killed by a pokemon. She thinks of Tapu Lele, and how all the Kahunas are in thrall to their guardians power.

There is a delicate balance between pokemon and human, she realizes, a balance that should make her fear the wild, her own Lycanroc.

When she accepts that she only respects pokemon, not fears them, she finally understands why Tapu Lele had chosen her.

At least, that’s what she likes to think. How could she understand things like destiny, fate, the wills of strange guardians that protect her home?

Olivia is, after all, an ordinary girl.