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Frankie Bauer
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15-October 17
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AGE:18 HOMETOWN:Hearthome City OCCUPATION:Team Skull Member FACE CLAIM:Lucky Blue Smith PLAYED BY:Ariel
1. robbie. he's the serious one – the one that you always went to when you were younger and scraped your knees (if your mom wasn't around for you to run to first, mostly in those years you decided you were too grown up for her and then immediately regretted it afterwards). he would scorn you for your tears, bandage it up, and give you a lecture on how to be more careful (which you never listened to). even before your dad left he was there, being more of a father figure than even your real father. you even call him dad sometimes. he was the one who supported the family with all his business investments, even before he followed you and the rest of your brothers into team skull (not of his own accord of course, he just wanted to look out for the rest of you, but you know he secretly enjoys it), making the money with his level-headedness and practical thinking. he's so strong and stoic and you've always looked up to him (even if you'll never admit it). he may be as cold as ice, but he's always a little melty when it comes to you (everyone is) over the other brothers. maybe he remembers a time when you were just toddling around, innocent and naive, the favorite son and brother.

2. jack. you remember him as the one who always stayed cooped up in his room all day, head stuck in a book or on the computer doing he called coding. you always made fun of him for it – sneaking into his room to put his hand in a warm cup of water and make him wet the bed, or busting in (ignoring his "keep out" sign) just to annoy him. it's no surprise that he left as soon as he could. no more nighttime pranks for him, and you were kind of sad you drove him away but you're too proud to admit it. when mom died he came back, just as nerdy and bookish as ever, except you don't pick on him as much. the family needs to stick together, and you know it. the coolest, most family-oriented idea he ever had was joining team skull, and you and archie followed him because he's the smart one, and everything he does is thoughtful and calculated, you may not trust him with your life but you trust him with your money (somewhat, but he's never let you down). he's the brains behind the operation – the man whispering in your ear, telling you what to do (or more like, suggesting). there's always been a gap (or more like a chasm) between you two, full of resentment and poor communication. you're sure you love each other, you just can't find a way to show or tell it.

3. archie. he's your favorite brother. he's always understood you, especially when he was the one goading you on – convincing you to step on your very first skateboard even though you were scared (then hushing you up so you didn't run and tell mom), sharing your first joint, and toilet papering houses of people you didn't like. he wasn't only your brother, he was also your best friend. he was the one who stuck around when everyone left. and you were thankful, though you could never voice it, but you knew archie understood, and you like to think you understand him, but you know no one really understands archie, not even archie. you just like to think you do, because who else understands your brother like you? when he followed jack into team skull you jumped in after him – the little brother, the one who always follows the others. but they're your brothers, and they're all you know, especially after your mom's passing. and even though archie's part of team skull, he left to go on an adventure, left you. and you know that he needs his own identity, but he's still your brother and you're still his.

4. and you. you're the youngest – the baby. you're the flirty one, the pretty one, the one they call when someone needs to be seduced. you're all smiles and laughs and crazy fun, but deep inside you're just an old soul, pretending to be something you're not. your mom knew this, and that's why you were so close (why you never left her side maybe) – she understood you more than archie even could. she knew you tried to act big and bad, toddling after your brothers, but at the end of the day you'd come back crying, looking for love. and you'll always be looking for love in all the wrong places, especially after mom died and you started looking all over for the love you're now deprived. but to everyone else you'll be badass, lover boy frankie.