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Gyu-Ri Park
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23-September 17
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Nov 8 2017, 02:48 PM
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The Park family has been interwoven in Olivine City for generations and each generation has held the Olivine gmy leader position since. There's a strong sense of pride that comes with it that Gyu-Ri has always felt weighing heavily on her shoulders. That weight has always been telling her she has to prove herself and the Park family name. The gym and her families name go hand in hand and if the gym were to lose quality so would the family reputation. She remembered the day her father handed over the gym to her two years ago and she felt sick to her stomach. What if it should have been her younger brother instead of her? What if she brought the steel structure down to it's foundation around them on accident?

It wasn't that she wasn't a good trainer but rather the weight of responsibility that now loomed over her. She had faced down gym leaders and elite four's before with confidence. Her steelix had grown from a rather small onix to a thirty foot tall steel fighting machine underneath her careful training. She had easily made her own name worthy of the gym and within her first year it felt as if she had squandered it. She isn't proud of the fact it took her an entire year to finally find her stride in the gym and feel comfortable in it as if it was her own skin.

- - -

With tradition being so ingrained into the Park family and Gyu-Ri herself that when she heard of the plan to take down The Burned Tower and replace it with a newer tower she was enraged. The tower had stood for over seven hundred years at this point despite having been struck by lightening and set on fire. It's a historical landmark that shouldn't be knocked down as if it was some building sold to contractors for new apartments.

The miracles that happened there alone should be enough to cement it's status as a historical landmark. With her status as a well respected gym leader in the Johto region Gyu-Ri has become an outspoken voice against the demolition of the tower. Those who support the demolition of the tower wish that she would go back to being the meek and quiet gym leader she had been before. If she wasn't so loud about her opinion they would be far happier with her especially since she has openly stated that she would protect the tower with her steelix if she had to.