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Maverick Carter
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13-October 17
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Oct 20 2017, 11:03 AM

AGE:27 HOMETOWN:Hau’oli City, Alola OCCUPATION:Trainer FACE CLAIM:Miguel Pimentel PLAYED BY:Mav
Many looking from the outside in would envy Maverick's upbringing. Hell, many looking from the outside in, with full knowledge of the dirty little secrets a family could hide would still envy his life and upbringing. That isn't to say there were no struggles at all for the young man, there were plenty, but he was born into a life of high class and status. You see, his father, Mavjamin Benjamin had garnered modest fame throughout the region of Johto as a trainer with the potential to become Champion. His fame had begun to grow when he was offered a small role in a movie. That small role eventually rolled itself into other smalls roles. This continued until he landed a staring role and his career shot off like Jesse and James. Fortune combined with his already growing fame and at that point the world was his oyster. 

He stopped his training and went full force into acting of course. With all the traveling for shows, events, and movies, he met plenty of women along the way. This is where Maverick comes into the picture. Completely by accident Mavjamin got Stephanie pregnant. He and Stephanie had flirted with the idea of a relationship so it wasn't completely terrible. They did care for one another, but Mavjamin wasn't fully committed despite a child coming into the picture. He offered her money to end the pregnancy but Stephanie would have none of it. This ended not only their relationship with one another but their friendship as well, making for a tumultuous situation for Maverick to be born into. 

Growing up in his younger years, Mav didn't see much of his father. He knew who he was, and would hear from him on birthdays and holidays but there wasn't much more to their relationship other than the fact that they were indeed, father and son. That was until his mother got sick. It was shortly after his ninth birthday that Mav got the news about his mother. She was gravely ill. Her cancer was in stage 2, so there was still a fighting chance, but she wouldn't be able to care for her son the way he would need. In order for her to get better and fight this, Mav was to go live with his father. He hated the idea of leaving her, and of being forced to be around his dad, but he wasn't going to fight with his mom at this point.

Moving into his fathers giant home in Alola didn't do much to mend their relationship. His father was gone almost all the time, but he did grow close with the numerous Nannies that were hired to take care of him. They would never stay on for long because Benjamin was an asshole to work for. Every few months their was a new one, but even this Mav didn't completely mind. They always came with new stories he was eager to hear. They would tell him the stories of their own adventures as trainers in some cases, others were former nurses who had plenty to teach him about the pokemon center and so on. These stories alone help build his love of pokemon, and as he got older he began to take advantage of his fathers money. 

He would always have front row seats to Pokemon League tournaments as his love for battles grew. He had opportunities to study with some of the top professors throughout the Alola region. He sat in on Kahuna battles, and on occasion was even given pointers by them. Yes, as he continued to grow there was no question, he was going to become a pokemon trainer. It was the best way away to deal with his father. The man was happy to send Mav money and in his eyes that made him a good father. In Mav's eyes it meant they didn't need to speak much. 

As he came of age he traveled throughout Alola training and hoping to garner his own reputation, and not continue to be known as Benjamin Carter's son. Training helped him to also cope with his mothers sickness. She went in and came out of remission several times but still she continued to fight. By the same token Mav knew that meant he also had to continue fighting. She loved getting his phone calls and hearing all about the things he was seeing and experiencing. You could argue she loved his pokemon more than he did. Mav's Litten and her were just two peas in a pod and watching the joy on her face every time he came to visit with his was enough to keep him going. 

This is what lead to him completing the Island Challenge. He pushed for his mom. But in time she couldn't push for him anymore. The cancer took her life, and on the day of her funeral Mav left Alola and hasn't returned since. You could say its fear of his own emotions. You could say its anger at his father for not helping her more. You could say its guilt for him not helping her more. You could say a lot of things but even now, all these years later Mav hasn't been able to face whatever he might feel by going back home. 

As much as he hates his father, you know the saying the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Well it rings true here. After leaving Alola he began living just like Benjamin had. The fast life. He would battle for money in some of the seediest places and some of the most upscale; he didn't care. He began partying and doing many of the things that came with that scene. He would jump from region to region whenever he felt bored of a certain area. He didn't give up his training but for whatever reason he couldn't commit to completing a single regions gym challenge. Like father like son right?