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Harlowe Morsinger
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12-October 17
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Oct 20 2017, 03:18 PM

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PERSONALITY: Strong-willed and stubborn, Harlowe is the kind of person to make things difficult for people to like her and the decisions she makes. She's amoral in the sense that she doesn't see anything wrong with killing, whether it's Pokemon for food or it's a person who got in her way. Harlowe has a perpetual sense of amusement, curiosity, and confusion to what's going on currently. She certainly doesn't know how to navigate the politics of it, but she generally has an idea of what's going on.

Harlowe is also very sneaky and has a tongue of silver. The black-haired woman can come off as incredibly naive and sometimes charming, but she knows how to lie in order to get her way. Her cynic side is particularly pessimistic, even though she can sometimes come off as hesitantly optimistic. Harlowe can be incredibly blunt and daft, without an ounce of tact in her system. She doesn't understand that some people would prefer a sugar-coating of the truth, or be comforted in the sense that 'everything will be okay' when it clearly isn't going to be alright.

A loner at heart, Harlowe would prefer to be constantly traveling instead of settling down. Being raised shoddily by her always-gone parents is partly to blame for this, but even as a child she liked to be by herself and carve crappy figurines of wood. One of her favorite past-times was to lay back and stare at the sky. Wonder what was out there. She has a passion for adventure and exploration, and often forgets that she prefers to sit on the sidelines when presented with an opportunity to explain her theories and rants.

When she wants to be, Harlowe is talkative. However, she's not the person to open up and spill her life story in a few minutes. She's incredibly closed-off and is more of the type to chat about nonsense or the going-ons of the current lives in the village. Her current 'home' is very simplistic in shape. Harlowe isn't materialistic, so she lives a very simple but rewarding life.

Harlowe also has a lot of insecurities left over from her parents shooing her away most of the time as a child. She received a lot of "That's nice, go play," and "Please be quiet; we're very tired and sore, so we would appreciate if you went outside." It led her to thinking that there was no way someone could love her. Despite her pessimism, strong will, stubbornness, sneakiness, and lies, Harlowe has many masks to cover her soft heart. She adores Pokemon, often wishing as a child that her parents would help her get one.

HISTORY: Born to a well-known family in Hau'oli City, Harlowe was certainly a surprise to her parents. A night of drunken debauchery between her father and mother drew the couple together. At first, his mother Jasmine hated Harlowe's father Edward. Edward was arrogant, cocky, and one of the biggest flirts in Hau'oli. Upon learning that Jasmine was pregnant with his child, he sobered up and started his attempt to woo the pretty young woman with the strange hazel/golden brown eyes. (Admittedly, her shock of being pregnant was learned when she woke up one morning with a strange bump on her abdomen).

The two ultimately bonded over their love of helping others, deceased parents and that they had been found outside of Hau'oli around roughly the same time. That they were eighteen when they were found isn't well-known. They were taken in by a couple of the eldest families until they were able to get their own homes. Jasmine and Edward knew each other since they were small in the Hau'oli, but despite the faint tingle of familiarity, they hated each other until Jasmine herself got pregnant.

One of the biggest problems in Harlowe's childhood was the lack of communication with her parents, although this knowledge was old news. She was withdrawn as a child, often drawing in the dirt with a stick or attempting to carve a shoddy wooden block. A favorite past-time was to find shapes in clouds and observe the environment around her.

Harlowe swiftly learned that her parents didn't care what she did, because they were busy helping the elder community, the police, and the Pokemon Center. With them often gone, her prominent features got her in trouble a lot due to easily being recognized. Harlowe was a charming kid, dimpling up at the shopkeeper's stalls in an expression of innocence to free her with whatever guilt they were layering the girl with at the time.

Was is so surprising that she learned to steal and pickpocket at age seven? To some people, yes. However, the people knew that the black-haired brat had a tongue of silver and a very bright, quick mind. Despite managing to get off the hook several times, not many people liked the girl and her strange humor. Many didn't realize that she was trying to get her parents attention in these acts of rebellion. Yes, they gave her a roof over her head, clothes, food, and whatever she wanted, but they didn't realize that she wanted them to sit down with her and just talk. The thing she wanted most of all was her parents to be around.

It was too bad that they didn't realize what was going on until she turned fifteen. Throughout her childhood, preteen years, and teenage years, Harlowe tried her best to get her parents attention. She lapped up any they did give him like an eager Lillipup, toning down her behavior just for them when they asked her to "Please be quiet, we're very tired and sore." Harlowe became very cynical and pessimistic, hiding her insecurities behind a mask of mischief or quiet contemplation.

Bitterness and loneliness seeped into her heart, and eventually she stopped approaching them by the time she turned eighteen. She desired to travel, so one night, she took the chance to pack his belongings and venture into the forest. She settled not far from the city, despite her shoddy childhood and lack of attention from her parents. Harlowe had no desire to leave what few friends she did have, so she merely set up her own establishment. Throughout the next few years saw Harlowe slowly relaxing and eventually learning to love her solitary life.

She had to admit that seeing her parents freak-out over her disappearance for a week sent a warm flush through her chest. Maybe they actually missed her? However, seeing Harlowe safe and not actually running away caused them to distance themselves once more. Harlowe swore to herself then and there that if she ever had a child or Pokemon, she would not treat them the way her parents treated her. They would get the love and attention they deserved, and not be ignored for something they can't control.

She threw herself into building her own settlement outside of Hau'oli, her careful training and carrying stacks of wood eventually paying off in the end. Right before her 26th birthday, she finished her home. Her parents sent him useful stuff, but their attempt to sneak into her life now was so very irritating. She didn't like that they had suddenly realized that what they did was wrong.

Harlowe isn't so sure she can forgive them, now. There's one thing for sure: she'll never forget. She's starting out on the road to become a breeder, so she has a lot to learn about the profession.