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and I think you won't be able to recognize me now

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Oct 24 2017, 06:11 AM

This is a request for Joshua's family!

Growing up, Josh was his father's protege, and he worked with his father (and, eventually, his younger brother) to steal and traffic pokemon, and otherwise illegally obtain that sweet, sweet money. Only, Josh had a change of heart, and through a series of unfortunate events detailed in his backstory (read it here!) Joshua ran away from home and uprooted all family ties.

This included the ties to his mother and sister, both of whom he was incredibly close to. Neither knew of the trafficking ring, and his father slandered Joshua's name in the aftermath, leading the girls to believe that he was the villain, and not himself. Josh hasn't spoken to any of his family since.

It's been almost 20 years.

This request is multifaceted, and could have differing outcomes depending on the group dynamic, but my basic plan is this: Josh is going to take down his father's shallow empire, and slowly, painfully win back the trust of his mother and sister. And, maybe, the brother who's always known the truth.

60+ years old. Pokemon trafficker.

THIS CHARACTER MAY BE TEMPORARY. It's up for discussion, and we can think of ways to have it end in a way where he can still be played afterwards, but the base outcome ends in his imprisonment.

His 'canon' name is Donovan, so we'll call him that for the sake of this request. He didn't start out hating his oldest son. Donovan has always been ambitious, hungry for money and power, and so, naturally, the draw of crime was one too sweet to resist. He worked his way up the ladder in the operation until he sat alone at the top. When the ever-curious Josh followed him, one day, he was at first furious, but then saw the opportunity in training his sons to be his right-hand men. It might have worked, if not for Joshua's bleeding heart and his own stubborn refusal to show any hint of compassion toward his children. He would have killed Joshua on the fateful night where he learned of his betrayal if not for his wife's timely return; instead, he imprisoned him, controlled him, and, when Joshua slipped the leash, destroyed his name among the family. Decades later, with his operation running smoothly and retirement looming near, the last thing Donovan expects is for his past to come back and haunt him. Endgame: Josh is going to get his sweet, sweet revenge, and destroy his father's trafficking operation at last. Naturally, this isn't going to go well for Donovan, whatever way the cookie crumbles. But, if you'd like to see this plot through and have it end in a character that isn't jailed for life, we can always figure out an alternative!

60+ years old. Open occupation.

Her 'canon' name is Velia, so we'll call her that for the sake of this request. Easily the family member I'm most sad about, and Josh is, too. Growing up, Joshua was a total Mama's boy. She was strict, but loving, and he followed her around like a puppy: she taught him how to cook, how to sing, how to laugh. After he left, both of them forgot for a while. Velia was devastated to hear what her son had (apparently) done. It took a long time to accept it, but she trusted her husband, and he seemed to have proof, and she slowly closed her heart against her firstborn child. When she texted him for the first time, to confront him about what he'd done, he never replied. They haven't spoken since. Endgame: Oh, god, I need these two to make up like I need air. His Mama was so important to him, and he to her. Now that she's growing older, she probably thinks about him a lot - and the fact that he's living right across the river, she's not sure how to feel about it. After the Truth Comes Out about her husband and younger son, they've got a lot of damage repair to do, and I need it.

37 years old. Pokemon trafficker.

His 'canon' name is Bryce, so we'll call him that for the sake of this request. He and Joshua have never gotten along. Close in age but about as far apart in personality as you can get, they clashed hard even before they were both pulled into their father's operations, and that only made things worse. Josh still cared for Bryce, and Bryce for him, but neither made a good show of it. Bryce was the one to rescue Joshua from drowning in a river, after all. After it was discovered that Joshua was trying to gather evidence to take down the trafficking ring that all three were a part of, Bryce sold his brother out to their father and very nearly got him killed. It all went downhill from there. After that, and especially after Josh left, Bryce became the protege, and has worked in the 'family business' ever since. Whether he was simply complicit in their father's slander of Joshua's name, or actively participated is up to you! Endgame: I see this going one of two ways: they continue to clash, and so Josh takes him down with their father and they remain rivals for the rest of their days, or Bryce feels guilty for the fact that he inadvertenty separated his brother from their entire family, and they try to awkwardly work through shit.

27-29 years old. Sanctuary receptionist.

Her 'canon' name is Annabel, so we'll call her that for the sake of this request. Josh left when Annabel was still very young (7-9), and as the older brother she'd always looked up to and cherished, it broke her little heart. Even worse was hearing all the stories about how he'd fled the region to escape justice for his crimes, how badly he treated the pokemon she was so fond of. Worst of all? He never called. From then on, all of her firsts were without him. Slowly, old wounds healed, and Annabel moved on. Her brother became a distant, unpleasant memory. Until the sanctuary. It's been there for years now, and she's known about it just as long, but it's plagued her thoughts like a nightmare. Her brother, married and living just across the river from Fortree, and... taking care of pokemon? It doesn't sit right with the image that's been built up of an abusive criminal, just as it hadn't sat right with her to hear that her brother had done those awful things, at first. So now, twenty years later, she shows up at his door with determination and a whole lot of questions. Endgame: I'm hoping to rekindle their closeness, and having Josh struggle to accept all the parts of her life he's missed. Annabel will live/work with him and his wife, Nell, at the sanctuary, and she'll be instrumental in helping him get back at their dear ol' dad. Also: I would love if she was never a trainer, but ends up adopting one of the sanctuary 'mons to start her journey years late! I think that'd be super cute, and Josh mentoring her in how to take care of pokemon would be precious.

i think poochyenas should vote

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Nov 3 2017, 01:18 PM

hi uh. i wanna reserve the sister ヽ(´・ω・`)、
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