A Realistic Pokemon RP

Gavin Raines
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19-October 17
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Aug 6 2018, 11:04 PM

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AGE:26 HOMETOWN:Blackthorn City OCCUPATION:Trainer FACE CLAIM:Anthony Gastelier PLAYED BY:Puck
I was born into a clan of dragon masters. Sounds cooler than it is. Don't get me wrong. Without my birthright, I doubt I'd have been able to catch one Dratini much less two. But that's nothing special where I come from. After all, there were plenty of us infesting Blackthorn so, growing up, someone had to be at the bottom of the totem pole. For awhile, that was me. Mostly because I didn't take anything seriously for very long. A symptom of being blessed with a natural aptitude for everything. It all comes easy to me. Which is why few things can hold my attention beyond a few months.

My heritage was no exception. There were a lot of boring rites and ceremonies we had to undergo. Talk about tedious. Not to mention all the tired adages the old folks kept regurgitating at us. As a result, I was fine with potentially failing and moving on with a life outside of training. Until the day I found a runt magikarp stuffed inside my locker. I can still hear my classmates all snickering. But the joke was on them, I took that sucker home, determined to evolve it to prove I was better than them. Also rededicated myself to learning the ways of the clan for the same reason.

After the induction ceremony, I was a future dragon master. Just like them. Only, I already had one at the tender age of sixteen. It had taken the better part of a year spent waist deep in water teaching my little magikarp to tackle and then battling every rodent that wandered by the water's edge to drink but I knew it was worth it the day Cal challenged me to my first real battle. He'd caught a spearow rather than a rattata like everyone else and thought he was hot stuff because of it. Naturally, the shock at seeing my gyarados left him speechless. Not as much as losing though.

He backed off for awhile after that. For more than a year in fact. Until the day we were to enter the Dragon's Den for the first time. We all came out of it with our very own dratinis. I was the only guy that ended up with a female, however, and Cal thought that was worth making fun of. Up until said dratini jumped up and slapped him in the face. That was when I knew she was a keeper.

A few months later, we would all officially become trainers, having finally turned eighteen. Those of us that had gotten a headstart eventually ended up becoming gym trainers under Clair. I did that for about five years before getting bored of it. At about the same time, I met Lana. Her uncle worked at a fancy electronics maker and she made a living testing products for them while on the road training. Including the camera that she used to live stream our battle. By the time it was over, she'd won a narrow victory.

Lana was unable to defeat Clair, however. Not on the first try at least - and the dragon master was not fond of second chances. I'm still not clear as to why I did it, but I went to bat for Lana and got Clair to agree to a rematch. She managed to eke out another narrow victory the second time around. Ended up kissing me in the moment and then inviting me to travel with her. I didn't think twice about accepting the offer. Not after learning how she didn't have to take any odd jobs thanks to a set up that also let her test out the latest gadgets.

The next year and half saw us become D-list celebrities, not just because of the many battles we livestreamed while taking on the Indigo League, but because we'd started dating. People seemed eerily invested in our relationship. Every bit as creepy as it sounds. Which is why I was almost relieved when interest died down after Lana and I parted ways.

It did not end well. I'm used to that though. Just another profanity-filled rant in a long line of them. Luckily, I'm pretty good at starting over. Gave up training to work as a commentator for league battles that aired on TV in Celadon. Still battled on the side myself to keep my crew sharp but I'd lost my passion for it.

Until a few weeks ago. I'd just stumbled out of club, slightly buzzed - okay, maybe full-blown drunk - and went to take a leak in some bushes. Happened to look up while doing my business and what do I see? A giant green dragon disappearing into the clouds. It had to have been a sign right? Or some pretty strong booze.

Regardless, it excited me. I'd heard stories about such a pokemon as a boy. The old farts would talk about a shrine used to summon it, built by people like us somewhere in Hoenn. So here I am in Slateport.