A Realistic Pokemon RP

Elias Walker
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26-October 17
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Nov 20 2017, 11:56 AM

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AGE:44 HOMETOWN:Oldale Town OCCUPATION:Pokémon Ranger FACE CLAIM:Tom Hardy PLAYED BY:Ariel
You're old.

It's not really your body, it's your mind, and you know it, yet you can't figure out how to fix it. When your body is ailing, from some kind of hurt, you go to the doctor and get a few days of rest. But when your mind is ailing, how do you fix it? You don't know, you weren't raised to know. So you lie in bed all day, hoping rest will fix whatever is wrong with you, but it only makes it worse and you don't want to get out of bed. Every day becomes a chore that you force yourself to carry out.

You remember a time when you were younger, and even though you're only in your early forties it feels like a millenia ago that you were the strong, healthy young man without a care in the world except for pokémon and women (and now you don't even care about them). You had (have) a family – a mother, a father, a brother, and a sister – the whole hodgepodge. Oldale was (is) your home – where you were born and raised, where your heart and your body stay. Your dad was a little strict, but he meant well, though emotionless. Your mom more than made up for his lack of emotions; she was the one you ran to whenever things went south, only for you to be rebuked by your father, so eventually you learned not to run to her. You're the oldest child, the responsible one, the one who has to look out for your siblings and, in time, everyone else.

Maybe it's this mentality that led you to be a ranger. With years spent looking after your younger brother and sister, making sure they didn't bother the neighbors, stayed out of the tall grass, and just generally trying to keep them in line. It was your family that kept you in your hometown – you knew that it was your responsibility as the eldest child.

When your siblings finally grew up enough that you could stop watching them, making sure they didn't get into any trouble (if they did, you were always there to get them out of it), mom died. Up until then you had dreamed, someday, to become a ranger – a dream left over from when you were younger, watching saturday morning cartoons about superhero rangers helping people and pokémon. But, you had to put your dreams on hold yet again, for the family.

Your dad had no idea how to fill the shoes your mother's passing had left, so you tried to step in the best you could. Yet, men are never meant to fill women's shoes, and despite the fact you tried the best you could, you could never compare to mom, and deep inside you knew that. You were a man – a man hardened, wizened from years of berating and scolding for "doing things a woman does". You were too built up to come down, even though you tried for the sake of your family.

You and your father had never been really close. But, you were approaching your mid-twenties, and had done nothing with your life in your dad's opinion, although devoting all of it to the family. Oldale was too full of memories of your mother for him and your siblings, so they moved, and you stayed – for the family.

At first you didn't know what to do, until saturday morning cartoons came back to you, and you grudgingly pursued your dream – to become a ranger.

You arrived late to the game, but you were passionate and fervent and threw yourself wholeheartedly into the training (no longer having to take care of the family).

And, here you are.