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Laurel D'ambre
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13-October 17
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Nov 24 2017, 04:57 PM
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AGE:22 HOMETOWN:Lilycove City OCCUPATION:Pokemon Trainer FACE CLAIM:Alanna Arrington PLAYED BY:Coti
You can remember the tales of your ancestors. Fishermen. ‘Ambrette was founded by your forefathers.’ Something about hospitality, a hotel once upon a time. The tales were just that- tales. You knew better than to believe them. Ambrette Town was too far away for your mind to grasp; why worry about a whole seperate region, when Lilycove was truly becoming your domain?

Your mother on the other hand - you don’t remember a time when she spoke openly of her past, of her forefathers, of her ancestry. You don’t really care as a child, you saw no pride to take with a name like D’ambre. You’re just happy to live in a home where food is plentiful, toys are always around and Pokemon lounge in pretty pet beds and eat out of equally pretty dishes.

From the ages of one to ten, you were the apple of your family’s eye. You had a father who did nothing but spoil you - when he was home - and a mother who taught you how to read, speak and listen. You were a princess in your home. Birthdays were near extravagant, with friends from the neighbourhood and further coming to celebrate. You didn’t spend a weekend without a sleepover with a friend. You had people eating out of the palm of your hand and you reveled in it.

You didn’t understand loss, or hurt until your mother told you with a clipped tone that your father was leaving.

At twelve years old you didn’t quite understand why Daddy had to pack his things and leave with a sad good-bye. At twelve years old you didn’t understand how he could see his job as something more important than his family. At twelve years old you simply believed that your father didn’t love you anymore, and in that moment, that was enough to justify your feelings.

You tried not to let this change affect you, but it ran deeper than you had imagined. You pulled away from hobbies that reminded you of him. You shut down the idea of getting your first Pokemon from the Professor, because he had promised to go with you. Instead you rallied other like-minded friends and focused on school, on the upcoming Trainer Tests, on high school and beyond.

You were sent money every year for your birthday. You stuffed the bills into your pocket and threw the card away without reading it.

You spent the next ten years rediscovering yourself. You come out to your mother as pansexual when you’re sixteen, and bring home a girl the next afternoon. You dabble in drugs - harmess, recreational marijuana use - and learn the hard way that you do not like or tolerate alcohol consumption. Regardless of what you do to change the girl you thought you were, tou hold onto a bitter resentment towards your father for abandoning you and your mother. If anyone asks you about him, you still can’t stop yourself from explaining that ‘yeah, he left us but he still sends money.

You graduated high school with near top honors and left your mark. What is the spawn of Ephraim D’ambre going to set her sights on now?

It was a simple choice. University interested you, but Pokemon had once more come into your life thanks to a handful of non-serious boyfriends who regularly competed. Your mother wasn’t happy; her only daughter going out into the world with no experience? What could she do about it? You took the off-road and decided to go to the Rangers to adopt your starter rather than have one handed to you, and immediately your eyes fell onto a Teddiursa. You knew your father had a Ursaring. A part of you - a small part - wanted nothing to do with the Pokemon for that very reason alone.

A bigger part adopted the Teddiursa with no hesitance, a careless thought reading: ‘I wonder if this’ll make him proud.