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Aria Sharpe
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6-November 17
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Nov 26 2017, 04:21 AM
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AGE:33 HOMETOWN:Nimbasa City, Unova OCCUPATION:Officer FACE CLAIM:Lauren Cohan PLAYED BY:Sif
Sometimes Sharpe feels like she's a wolf sent to protect sheep. It wasn't always like that. In the group home where she was fostered, she was the one who looked after the younger children. Making sure they kept out of trouble was impossible, especially given their neighborhood, but she made sure, by hook or by crook, that the police never had to get involved. By the time she left the home, she was one mean and grizzled wolf.

Since no one wanted to adopt her (she was too old and, besides, she didn't want to be adopted anyway), she graduated to a transition program to get a job. It was one of those throw-away programs funded by the rich so that they could get shiny placards that spoke to their wonderful and generous spirits. Most people who went through the program came out the other side with jobs that were far less appealing than the jobs you could get from less-than-legal entities.

Sharpe, however, was different. Sharpe was proud and Sharpe was smart, but most importantly, Sharpe was noticed by the local police department for her positive effect around the neighborhood (they didn't realize that her way of keeping kids out of jail was to do their jobs for them). With help—not a lot, if you ask her—she completed her training in the academy with excellent marks and was well on her way to becoming a fine and upstanding citizen.

It would've worked, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids. She learned about loyalty, how to earn it and how to keep it, and something as trivial as the law wasn't about to get in between her and her friends. So, she bent the rules, turned a blind eye, took a few bribes. All harmless, in the grand scheme of things, because the real affront to justice was the bureaucratic bullshit that protected real criminals from the courtroom.

It didn't take long for Sharpe to become disillusioned with the system, but she never quit. She powered through her disdain for weak trainers that seemed to constantly lose their Pokemon. Someday, she would work the really big cases, and she could actually enact positive change. Until then, she would do what she could for her friends. Her reliable (not perfect, but reliable) intuition about people and their intentions, criminal or otherwise, as well as her untiring work ethic, earned her a respectable number of arrests in the city, but she would be half the officer that she is (well...maybe a little more than half) without her illicit connections.