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Hazel Atwood
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15-October 17
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Nov 20 2017, 11:59 AM
Jack ♂
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AGE:21 HOMETOWN:Cherrygrove City OCCUPATION:Pokémon Breeder FACE CLAIM:Jordyn Woods PLAYED BY:Ariel
When you were born it rained stars.

Some called it a meteor shower, but your parents were convinced it was the gods, blessing the coming of their only child – you, Hazel Atwood. If your name hadn't already been promised to your grandmother (you were named after her like your parents promised), you would've even been named Star (but thank god you were not). You were the shining light of your parent's life, and were treated as such.

You come from a very well off family. Your mother a coordinator (not a very good one) and your father a very well-to-do trainer, even got so close to becoming the Champion once (something he regrets for the rest of his days, being so close yet falling just short). They married and your dad moved your mom out of her fast paced, glamorous lifestyle in Goldenrod to Cherrygrove. With their unfulfilled lives, it was only natural that they would have a child to force all of their ambitions on.

As a child, you were pulled this way and that by your parents' wants. Your mother wanted you to do beauty contests (by yourself and with pokémon), so you did that. Your father wanted you to train for pokémon battling, so you did that. Neither one approved of the other's ideas of what you should do. It was only natural when they split. You weren't surprised, and the idea of two birthdays and two Christmases pleased you deep down inside. You kind of felt bad, but not too bad once you realized that maybe them not being together enough to fight anymore was a good thing, and then you enjoyed their split as much as you wanted to.

You were left with your father. You resented the way he made you practice every day and night, trying to force you to become a trainer. You knew nothing else, so you obliged.

Day and night he worked you, never stopping until he was satisfied (which was rarely). The grueling training, not only on you but also on your pokémon, tore your body and mind down, but you loved your dad so you tried, for him. You never really got anywhere, in your training or in real life – you've always stayed in Cherrygrove, and always will.

You know you'll never leave. You can't, it'd break your dad's heart after his death a few years ago. Besides, Cherrygrove is an alright place to raise pokémon. You took up breeding and giving pokémon away. You don't make much money, but you are somewhat happy –