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 hold my home, #zor/ant
a desert in my blood and a storm in your eyes

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Nov 15 2017, 10:39 PM

One would think that with time, being a parent would be easier. For Margot, it's only gotten worse. She hasn't been to Nuvema Town in three months now, which is a relatively short amount of time given her workload lately (and her continued insistence that she work all the time, everywhere), but with each month that passes, Ada seems to grow more and more belligerent. 'What do you want to do?' 'I don't know.' 'How can you not know?' is a conversation that happens all too often these days.

It's an odd thing, learning that, with a thirteen year old teen growing more rebellious by the day, you are not particularly suited to parenting. Margot lacks the patience and the finesse and just about anything else that would assist in raising a child. She left most of it to her nanny, who Ada seems to have no problems with, but whenever Margot visits and spends the day with her, Ada's responses have become increasingly disinterested and cold.

And that would be fine, except it's not, because this is her daughter and not a criminal (and yet she struggles not to return to intimidation tactics when Ada starts acting up yet again). At this point, it was only her nanny's insistence that Ada spend her day with her mother that had her even agreeing to go out with Margot. It stings, a little, but less than it probably should. She doesn't know who the hell came up with the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder, but they clearly didn't try to raise a child on the other side of the world.

The conversation has died down for the fifth time in the past hour, an awkward silence lapsing between the two. Nuvema Town never seems to change; there's not enough going on here to warrant any excitement. Everything is stale, boring. She almost wishes for a dire emergency to take her out of here.

She loves her daughter. She just doesn't know if she loves her enough.

"What are you getting me for my birthday?"

Margot blinks, trying to calculate what day it is and when Ada's birthday is, and she realizes very quickly, fuck, I forgot.

But Ada is used to this. "It's not for another three weeks." She sounds too grown-up for a thirteen year old. Without waiting for her mother to respond, she primly states, "I want a Pokémon. There's a Skitty breeder nearby and the litter will be ready right on my birthday and—"

There's at least a dozen different things wrong with that, but before Margot can elaborate on that, she spots someone she really wasn't expecting—or hoping—to see her. For a moment, she has a childish desire to shove Ada behind a fucking rock, or a tree, or a Sudowoodo, if only to keep her out of Zor's eyesight. But her coworker spots them and heads over without any delay, and Margot's left scrambling for an explanation.

This is my niece.

A student wanted to know about being a ranger.

I found this child on the street. I don't know where she came from.

Instead, she watches as Tiamat recognizes Zor and quickly crawls up to them, greeting them affectionately, and grunts, "Zorion."

Several Zubats

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Nov 16 2017, 03:16 PM

As a rule, Zor does not generally enjoy small towns. At least, not in practice. In theory? They're cute. They serve a purpose. But Zor had grown up in a city and even by Alolan standards, there was a certain slowness to small towns that rankled them. Then again, an ex had once told Zor that they'd be unhappy wherever they went. It was possible that that was true.

Brother trots at their side, eyes alert and interested beneath his skull mask. A few of the locals gesture his way, no doubt drawn toward his Alolan variants. It had bothered Zor, and Brother, initially. The tendency of people to stare like Brother was some kind of display. Time had eased them into the concept of people being rude assholes consistently, but it was still moderately annoying. Zor is entering a glare contest with a middle aged woman when Brother stops and yanks at their hand.

"I know--" Zor begins, cutting themselves off when Brother gestures ahead. At Margot Sterling. Their limbs lock up in a moment of panic as a wave of social anxiety comes crashing down upon them. What should they say? Why is she here? Do they look alright? Why is she here.The world is shimmery for a moment, their vision clouded by nerves, but then Margot is looking their way and any hope of flight is snatched away. Well. Nothing for it then.

What they hope is a pleasant smile crawls across their face as they smoothly head over. Margot seems flustered, almost like Zor has caught her committing a crime, but a critical once over doesn't reveal anything damning. Aside from the tween that hovers at her side. Zor tilts her head just a tad to the side. A daughter? A niece? A really talented Ditto?

"Margot," Zor replies, hesitating."Aaaaand daughter? I didn't know that you had children. You're so....." Fuck, why had they kept talking? What do they say now? Secretive? Pretty? Cold? ".....young."

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