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 ANNOUNCEMENT #2, One Month Anniversary!
Ekans Piled On Top Of Each Other In A Trench Coat

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Nov 7 2017, 07:51 PM


Happy one month anniversary, Energy! I can’t tell you enough how proud I am to have made it to this milestone. Energy was my little passion project, and to see all of you amazing members around and excited warms my cold, scaly heart.

So I want to thank you all for sticking with us! The first month felt like a beta test, as we’ve been continuously updating and improving the site, while fixing up bugs and rolling out new features. It’s been a productive opening, and it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly if it wasn’t for an incredible staff and again, our members (love you guys.)

This month comes with a big update, and new plot updates, as well as a few events! Some of the stuff below will be going over updates already posted in the Discord, but that haven’t been stated on site. Others are new, and so this announcement should be read through carefully!

    • We have our first two in-character events! They are the Saffron City Takeover and Dig For Treasure, so if you have any characters there that can participate, make sure to sign up. Never fear if you don’t! Events and plot updates will be coming along more often, so that everyone can get involved.

    • As mentioned, there’s plot updates! The twitter channel will keep you on the up and up when we post new ones, but HERE is the news feed to keep track.

    • There’s a staff search going on! We’re looking for another moderator to help us out as Energy keeps growing. Please check HERE if you’re interested.

    We have a suggestion box! This is to give us any feedback, and more specifically, what you would like to see from the new skin, or any features you think might be a good addition. It is completely anonymous. I won’t know your name, email, or any identifying information unless you provide it yourself.

    • Breeding through the daycare is currently closed for a revamp. We will be giving a more in-depth guide on how to breed, also be offering documentation on how trading works! Please be a little patient with us during this time.

    • As always, please remember to rehost sprites. This means any sprites from Serebii, Stadium, etc must be rehosted on nickpic, tumblr, imgbox, or any other host that allows you to hotlink. Sprite resources cannot handle the amount of hits they receive from forums.

    • In order to reactivate a character, you must post in one IC thread with that character. This means either replying or starting to a thread, and then posting in the Moderation thread.

    • Another reminder that canons are expected to post once a week, and OC’s are expected to post once every two weeks. Remember, we do not have activity checks; you’re responsible for keeping on top of your posts.


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