A Realistic Pokemon RP

Mano Kukui
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Adventure Started
21-October 17
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Nov 26 2017, 10:45 AM

AGE:31 HOMETOWN:hauoli city OCCUPATION:pokemon professor FACE CLAIM:marlon teixeira PLAYED BY:kipper
Acid Drop - losing your surfboard while taking off on a large, tall wave and then free falling down the face of the wave.

He's impetuous as a child - one of those barefooted hippie kids running wild and free, no sign of a responsible adult anywhere in fifteen miles. Spontaneously fun, always up for it, no matter what it is. That leads into a rebellious teenager, though he channels all that aggression and hormonal imbalance into surfing and not into yelling at his mom, like some of his friends. The island is small, and word gets around when you get good. He's in some surf competitions, starts to really make a name for himself: has to make the choice to stay in school or make a living doing the professional circuit.

Kook (also Kuk) -
1) a surfing beginner: 2) someone who gets in the way or into trouble because of ignorance or inexperience (see dork): 3) someone who pretends to be something they're not: 4) a completely awkward or bad surfer (highly derogatory).

He stays in school.

Eat It - to wipe out really bad on a wave and 'eat' seabed.

Becoming a professor of Pokemon isn't exactly what everyone had in mind for him, but neither did anyone say they were surprised. The class clown who was also the valedictorian, he never let his love of practical joking and surfing get in the way of his studies. A talented battler, he chose to hone his field of research into Pokemon moves: especially after pioneering research into Z-moves. That was when the world started to sit up and take notice of this tanned and shirtless professor from a backwater little region. He starts to surf less and stay in his laboratory more, but sometimes he misses the sea.

He brings his Wailord Kai out with him sometimes, and they float on the surface of the sea for hours listening to the waves.

The Zone - This is the place from which there is no escape from the wrath of the oncoming wave. You are caught inside. You are too far in to catch the wave, and the wave is breaking too far out for you to paddle outside of The Zone. You get pounded in The Zone. Bye now.

He meets the future love of his life when she's travelling from abroad. A researcher originally from Unova, Burnet has come over to Alola to study the links between dreams and the anomalies of appearance that seem to happen most often in the ocean region. She's beautiful, and he's struck by her immediately, almost blown away by how incredibly intelligent, witty and beautiful this woman is. And then she starts paying attention to him, which pretty much blows his mind: he's hooked from that moment, like a Magikarp on an Old Rod. She moves to Alola, they get married, they're thinking maybe they'll have a couple of kids.

Pretty good for a goofy-footed surf bum from Hau'Oli.