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Kiera Ki
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10-October 17
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Oct 26 2017, 10:53 AM
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AGE:25 HOMETOWN:Lavaridge Town OCCUPATION:Pokemon Ranger FACE CLAIM:yana shmaylova PLAYED BY:Basil
It's the mountains that called to you first. The way they stood tall and proud even among the heavy clouds and heavy rain. It was the way they smelled on a cool fall morning with dew hanging onto the leaves that grew from the greenery. It was the sounds of a hoothoot in the evening calling out just to let others know it was there. Something about it all made you feel at peace and you never wanted to leave. So you didn't.

You became a protector of the land making sure that even though you stomped around in your heavy boots you left no trace. Your backpack is always heavy with supplies for any situation that you could possibly need. You're gentle as can be even when you run across the path of an angry rhydon. It's your quiet calm demeanor that fools people thinking that you have no spine. That you just wander the woods quietly looking to catch people littering but you're more than that.

You're strong as the mountains you grew up admiring. Your muscles are lean but carry you far because you have traversed those mountains and you know them like the back of your hand. You've become the mountains and just like them you stand strong and protect the lower lands from the wind while providing life to those who reside around you. Your hand is the one that feeds and your hand can be the ones to take if needed.