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 Save The Wailmer! [m [possibly], Tag: Sidney Harper / Outside Petalburg
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Nov 16 2017, 12:12 AM

Sid was reciting the license plate number when Christopher appeared and grabbed his hand. ”What? No, not right now—“ he began, which confused the office clerk over the phone. ”Oh, no, not you ma’am, sorry, I’m just—“ Christopher wasn’t showing any signs of relenting, and Sid found that trying to wave him away was causing more pain.

Shortly after, Sid allowed Chris to bandage him, not minding the sting of the alcohol as he wrote down a number on a notepad that was on the counter. He gave a distracted thumb up when Christopher finished, then continued to listen to the information given to him by the police officer.

When the call was finished, he saw that Christopher was on a call and waited until he finished to ask, ”How are yer Pokémon?” He showed him the license plate and note that he had written. ”The police are gonna try to track down the owner of one of the poaching vessels, but they wanna know about the wailmer you caught. I reckon the nurses here can send over its charts, but they wanna get yer trainer ID,” he said.

Then, since Christopher was so interested, he added, ”About the boat, I was gonna head over to the shop tomorrow in the mornin’. They’re gonna send me a police report that I can show the owners.”

He didn’t mention what would happen if the poachers were never caught. All the police could do was make it so he didn’t have to pay for a week or two at most, but if they couldn’t pin the damages on the poacher, then Sid was likely to be held completely liable for the damages.

One thing at a time, though—there was plenty for him to do in that time, not least of which was finding a place to stay. Sid knew that traveling the mainland wasn't going to be a walk in the park, but he didn't expect it to go to shit so quickly. His tent and sleeping bag went down in the boat, but he still had his bike locked up outside the boat shop, so maybe he could sell that. He could stay at the pokécenter for the night, perhaps, and maybe secure advance pay from the university if he needed. Asking his pa for money was entirely out of the question, that was for sure.

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