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 MIASMA, father / silph co. ceo
The Mistress of Psychic Pokémon

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Oct 27 2017, 01:54 PM


45+ - ken watanabe - father - silph co. ceo
This request is for Sabrina's father, the Silph Co. CEO. They have an estranged relationship thanks to Sabrina not ever answering his calls, or caring to speak with him in general. She left home at 18 to pursue a training career and became Saffron's Gym Leader when she defeated the Fighting Dojo.

Before she became Gym Leader, however, Sabrina was his little girl. He loved her more than anything, even when he discovered as she grew up, she would never be the daughter he wanted. She was quiet, and intense, and never seemed to smile. But she played with the dolls he gifted her, and he was the one to give her her first pokeball, custom made.

Her mother, however, was another story.

Ever since she was born, strange things happened around Sabrina. And her mother knew that knew that the girl was the source of all the strangeness, the broken china, the whispers she heard near the windows. She feared her daughter, who rarely spoke to her, and soon began to hate her.

This came to a head when Sabrina told her that her father was having an affair. Whether she believed her daughter or not didn't matter, because either way, she stayed with him. And Sabrina left home with the abra that had been truly at the root of her mother's trouble. She never cared to explain, both out of fear and the pain of being so rejected.

Now, her father doesn't know that Sabrina knew about the affair, or that she told her mother. All he knows is that he feels like he's failed her. She's never returned home, even though she still lives in Saffron. When she speaks with Silph Co. representatives, she requests they not send him.

No one knows just how strained their relationship is, although people like to say Sabrina killed her mother since people rarely see the woman. For years, she stopped throwing parties, and visiting friends, and has since stayed away from others. Sabrina's father, of course, likes to defend her against this ridiculous accusation, as he does all the others.

With Rocket's influence in Kanto growing, Silph Co. came under fire for corruption when a board member was found out to be a high-ranking Rocket official and arrested. Because of this, he's been dealing with a hell of a PR situation that he hopes Sabrina might help him with, being the Gym Leader of the city, and so aims to repair their relationship.

Of course, I imagine he simply wants his daughter back in his life, but that's up to the player. He's open in terms of personality and history. Whether he is still having affairs or if he's since moved on is also up to whoever picks him up. He should be in his late 40's-50's preferably. The suggested face is Ken Watanabe because I'm just gonna suggest him until he's played on this site ok. Other faces are fine as long as he's Japanese, and you run it by me first.

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