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 BLOODFLOOD, four sisters / open faces (0/4)
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Oct 16 2017, 05:40 PM

Lisette and her sisters have always been close. They were basically the Lisbon girls when they were younger, always flitting around being dreamy and mysterious. Behind the scenes, they grew up with a lot of expectations on their shoulders.

Their father, Byung-chul Moon, comes from old money and their mother, Mercy Moon, was raised in Kalos, although originally from Johto herself. The two met when Byung-chul was on a business trip and soon after, they had their first daughter. They settled in Ecruteak City to have a family.

Byung-chul never seemed very disappointed in having only girls, as he raised them with the same firm hand and pressure to do well as he would have raised boys. All of them have been groomed for success, and most of them have a lot to show for it.

Except Lisette, who's become an elephant in the room at the family dinners she no longer attends. She was kicked out after dropping out of college, and then completely disowned. Now she spends her time drinking too much at some stranger's house and crashing on their couch, and generally being a family disappointment.

The girls are still very tight-knit, but there's definitely friction where Lise is concerned. Even though she loves each of them, she's not the best at proving it. Her jealousy of their success, while she remains a starving artist, doesn't help. Not to mention that she mooches off the ones she knows will give in easy.

All names are suggestions, as are faces. Anything else not stated in the request is also open! So please take one of these princesses up! <3

Eloisa is the youngest, and has definitely been babied, especially by Lise. How she feels about her status as "small infant" is up to you, the most important thing is that she’s the one sister who still has faith in Lise and believes she can do anything. Eloisa is 18-YEARS-OLD, probably still at home, and though she has definitely not been shielded when it comes to the truth about Lise, she can be rather naive and optimistic. Her suggested face is LEE SOO-HYUN.
Noelle is the second youngest. She should be somewhere around TWENTY-YEARS-OLD, and has a little more scorn than the youngest sister toward Lise. She's very focused and somewhat intense, and she's more disgusted by the fact Lise has sacrificed everything she had going for her than anything else. However, she has not shunned Lise completely, and Lise still tries to contact her as often as possible. Her suggested face is LIM NA-YOUNG.
Kari is a year older (24-YEARS-OLD) than Lise, and being the closest in age, they’ve always stuck together like glue, more so than their other sisters. They're still close even now, and Kari is trying to balance helping her and distancing herself at Noelle's urging. Her personality is rather open, but I imagine her as a little more easygoing and relaxed than Lise. Her suggested face is LEE SOJUNG.
Reina is the eldest, in her LATE TWENTIES TO EARLY THIRTIES. She’s the most successful one, and as such is the sibling that the parents compare the rest of the girls to. As in, “Why haven’t you gotten a job yet, Reina was working when she was fourteen and still got good grades!” Despite how annoying that was, her siblings still loved her and looked up to her, especially Lise. Their relationship is rocky now, since she’s the one Lise goes to when she wants to “”borrow”” money. Still, she cares about Lise and is trying to get their father back on Lise's side. (Whether because she cares or because of the money is up to you.) Her suggested face is PARK YEEUN.
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