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Archie Bauer
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10-October 17
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Dec 15 2017, 08:43 AM
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AGE:19 HOMETOWN:hearthome city OCCUPATION:pokemon smuggler FACE CLAIM:benjamin jarvis PLAYED BY:kipper
you're not the serious one.

that's robbie, the eldest. he's so suave and so fly: he's got all the ladies swooning over him but he doesn't want any of them. he's got his head in the right place and his life in order. he's the one who's got investment properties on alolan beachfronts and is always telling you boys to wise up and think about your future. since your dad left, he's been the father figure you needed and you don't wonder why it is none of you ever felt like you missed out on a dad. he's in the smuggling business so that he can look out for the rest of you, he says, not because he enjoys it. he got into it last, after jack started it and then you and frankie followed: silly little mareep, the pair of you, he says. he's cold as ice and never says anything kind to you. but you can see it in his eyes that he cares: that, and you know that if you fell down he'd be the first one on his knees putting on a bandage.

you're not the business-like one.

that's jack, your slightly older brother. he's always had a head for figures, always been the one to organise your finances and make sure you're paying your taxes - or not paying them, as of late. he's the numbers man, the worker beedrill, the glasses-wearing operative in the chair. where you and frankie are feet on the ground, he's blowing up your poketch with directions and blueprints and plans. he started you out into team skull, in the first place: dragged you and frankie in with promises of swag and loot and endless notoriety. he and robbie butt heads sometimes, but in the end they always make it up. he's never been kind to you, but then again nobody ever has. even though he's all about the numbers, jack knows that family is everything. blood is thicker than water, after all.

you're not your mother's favourite.

that's frankie, the youngest. he's such a momma's boy, whiny and affectionate when you were younger, and he'd ride on her apron-tails until he was just too big to get away with it. until your momma died, that is. now, he uses his pretty face to much the same advantage. he skates through life, and the older brothers mostly put up with it. he's so cute! it's almost unfair, you think, and he goes from one girlfriend to another while you can hardly hold down a fling now and then: but he's always there for you when you really need it, and his spontaneity and adventurous spirit really help when the crew need ideas for a new heist. he'll come to you with dating advice or with a brand new plan and his eyes always sparkle with this crazy vibrancy. you just wish he'd settle down, maybe, find someone who really knows him, who loves him like you do.

you're archie.

it's who you are, and you've made a name for yourself outside of your white-haired brothers. team skull is an organisation, yes, but it's a home, too. more of a home than you ever really had. between the four of you it was hard to feel like an individual until you left. you're on your gym adventure - when you're not stealing pokemon and sending them to kanto, that is - and you're trying hard to be you. not robbie, not jack, not frankie: just you. it's tough, but one day you're gonna put your name in lights at the summit of the elite four and everyone's gonna see. you don't resent your brothers, not at all. but some day you've gotta step out from underneath their shadows, be the organised one, be the flirty one, be the smart one. be you.