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 cliff's edge
we are not alone in the dark with our demons

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Nov 14 2017, 09:17 PM


27-35 / gina rodriguez/open
do you like lesbians? enjoy angst with a good side of fluff? want to write traumatized characters dealing with it realistically??? then boy do i have the plot for u

this is basically an idea for a girl who i'm gonna call gina bc im uncreative and don't feel like picking a name. this request is for annabel, a woman who's been thru a lot and eventually landed in rehab for her alcoholism. she's out now and better, but she's still figuring herself out.

gina was in rehab w/ annabel, although for what is your choice. her past is up to you, but it's probably not a very pretty one. she and annabel were roommates, or maybe even friends of some kind, at rehab, but they lost contact. then gina decides to move to fortree city! possibly for work—maybe she's a pokemon researcher—or possibly because she likes looking at large trees. who knows! i just know that she's back in town and annabel runs across her

i prefer threading things out as they come rather than giving a definitive timeline, but they'll eventually fall into some sort of relationship together, whether it's official or not. how that ends (or if it ends) is up to you—i'm determined that annabel will continue to get better, but maybe gina is relasping and hellbent on taking annabel with her. whether they'll be together forever or this'll be a fling is up to you

face is gina rodriguez but it's totally open (altho i Very Much prefer faces of color). my discords #chava1008 if u wanna chat!!

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