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 GLITTERDUST, 31, researcher, f. bujo

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Oct 14 2017, 05:42 PM





Hailing from Kalos, Dorian is a pokemon professor and researcher specializing in fairy-type pokemon. Rather than sitting in a lab all day and relying on others for his information, he prefers to get out into the field, and so spends his time travelling and filling in his own pokedex with his discoveries. After spending so much time in his home-region of Kalos, he decided that he wanted to branch out, and often takes trips abroad for months at a time.

He's currently researching in Unova!

Though there is tragedy in his past, you'd never be able to tell from Dorian's sunny demeanour. He's rarely seen without a smile on his face and he's an eternal optimist, always there to look on the bright side for that silver lining. He's a grown man with a PhD, but he's still got a spirit of child-like wonder. He also loves butterfly pokemon, typing be damned. Vivillon are his favourite.

He tries to see the good in everyone. He's positive, and friendly, so those who take that at face value and accept the ease in getting along with him can make fast friends. He's always on the move, so friendships tend to be on-and-off-again, but not for any malicious reason. Expect him to hit you up out of the blue with 10 near-identical pictures of a vivillon in his garden, complete with three exclamation points and an insistence that you look at this beauty!!!

He needs:

• Fellow fairy (or butterfly) enthusiasts, researchers, breeders, etc.
• Kalosian contacts! Either from his childhood (which he doesn't talk about), or the early years where he was still studying his butt off.
• Friends from his travels! I'd imagine he's been to most regions at least once, but he's spent the most time in Kalos (obviously) and Alola, and has been in Unova for a couple months.

He does his best not to make enemies, but no one can make it through life unscathed. Also, the enemy of his friend is his enemy, too. He doesn't like Team Rocket or Skull for obvious reasons; he believes that pokemon should be obtained fairly, not stolen. Thankfully, he's not currently in a region where either team are an issue. But! If you've got any ideas for drama you want to rope him into, fire away! I love drama (even if he doesn't).
He needs a cute boy to fall in love with.

Really, though, love is a sensitive topic for him. His first and only serious relationship was toxic and abusive, so he's incredibly careful about it. He needs someone to worship him and treat him like a prince. And also someone who will tolerate him gushing about his research for hours on end. And who is willing to travel with him, or else spend months apart at a time.

He will treat that person like gold, if he finds them.

He's almost always up for a friendly battle, and sort of casually takes on the occasional gym when he's in the area.

He also participates in pokemon contests to show off his team. (He doesn't care what the judges say, they are always The Cutest.)

I'd love him to have at least one friend who knew him during his awkward transitional phase after an attempted suicide into the far more positive person he is today. A friend that could have been there for him when he needed it, and whom he always makes sure to keep contact with to this day. (They'd have to hail from Kalos or at least have been in Kalos for several years around that time, ofc.)

the fairy princess

played by
Oct 18 2017, 07:21 PM

best!! fairy!! friends!!

being perfectly honest with you i've absolutely waiting for dorian to be finished and accepted so i could launch valerie at him. i had exactly the same idea you did! honestly professional friends who become personal besties through their shared interests and love of each other is wonderful. i think dorian is absolutely valerie's best friend, the one she kind of relies on and-- and get this-- the only person who can really ever rely on her (and not get fucked on).

i'm so here for this. ps. she absolutely LOVES his primarina she wants to steal it. their sylveon are best friends and like to lie on each other when she and dorian are hanging out. her floette looks up to his florges as an icon. and she's going to eventually have a togekiss like his once her togepi grows up a little!! maybe they even evolved together - valerie's evolved when they were hanging out on a picnic so maybe dorian was there too! aaaaa help im just. the fairy prince and princess in their fairy court. please.

Apprentice Researcher

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Oct 19 2017, 09:51 AM

oh wow i love dorian a Lot and his app is making me emotional. soleil absolutely ADORES him and absolutely views him as the brother she never had. maybe when his parents kicked him out and he had a few rough days w/ eric, he stayed w/ soleil for a day or two? (also: soleil has to try really hard not to track down dorian's parents and beat the living shit out of them)

she loves dorian a lot and assures him he's 100% deserving of this love and she's very very happy to see him transformed into this v happy boy who's been through so much. they both treat each other as their own individual person and not their parents' child which is so important for both of them and i love them a lot

(soleil loves all the vivillon pics he puts up and she sends him equal pics of various research or even just alola; and he's probably the first one she admits to that she has a crush on olivia)

i need something w/ them asap pls

just bloom.

played by
Oct 31 2017, 04:55 PM

gosh she would REALLY like dori. can she call him dori?

evie is a Big Ol' Baby™ and definitely tends to approach most things with a sort of innocence that her past really shouldn't have allowed her to keep but she's stubborn. she treats everything like it's new and wonderful because she's just. determined to enjoy her life goddammit!! and she would recognize that in dorian too, like, that determination to make things good despite all the bad, and immediately be like "hello friend we're friends now" and spend a gajillion years screaming about their pokémon

i love that everyone so far is like yeah can evie win tho but like. this is a perfect way to meet bc number one she'll be THRILLED to meet someone else who is just excited to be there lmfao and who has good sportsmanship like. she just finds it really indicative of the person you are, y'know? so she would be thrilled, (get back on track ecto), and two she might cry a little bit when he compliments her babies. they mean so fucking much to her. and she's so happy to give contest/performance advice to anyone who asks her like. she's READY and afterward she'd probably keep an eye out for him in contests to check out how he and his pokémon are doing and then call him and be like "YOU DID SO FUCKING GOOD I'M SO PROUD OF YOU"
An inch of nothing for your soul.

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Nov 8 2017, 02:06 AM

Aria investigates all sorts of Pokémon disappearances (she'd rather not, but it's her job), so if one of his Pokémon went missing, she'd show up and probably go "wtf" at the type choice and care even less.

Or, a fairy-type could go missing and she could be told to seek him out for his opinion in case it's just weird fairy business or if he has any insights into how to find a fairy Pokémon.

Whatever the case, Aria would think he's way too happy and would get annoyed. IDK, maybe her early exposure to abuse from a young age, and the fact that she spends a lot of time with people who went through the same thing, makes it a little easier for her to see that there's something off behind that smile. Who knows, she might not even care anyway.

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