A Realistic Pokemon RP



“This just in! The Kanto Radio Broadcasting Network has received reports that a Pokémon trafficking ring has been busted in Celadon City. Four arrests have been made, but no details have been released. The Celadon Police Department urges owners to come to the station to claim any lost Pokémon. Who could do such a thing? Is Team Rocket at it again? Tune in at eight to find out!”


“The Johto Building Commission is facing backlash over the decision to rebuild the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City. Many citizens say that it is a historic landmark and should be preserved. Others say that it would anger the legendary bird Pokémon that had once roosted there, and the spirits of the Pokémon who perished. There are others yet who think the tower is an eyesore. “I say knock the whole thing down,” says one citizen. “What if those Pokémon come back one day and wreak havoc?” The Johto Building Commission says that they will continue the project despite objections.”


“Today, a small team of researchers will board the Submarine Explorer 1 and begin their journey to the bottom of the sea. Their goal? To investigate Hoenn’s underwater cavern system and uncover the mysteries of the ocean. According to preliminary research, there are networks of caves that have not yet been discovered, linked together in much the same way as Sootopolis’ own caverns. The submarine is launching from Slateport City at 9 am.”


“Find secret treasure! Sinnoh’s Underground is now open to everyone. Previously only accessible to experienced miners, beginners are encouraged to make their fortune or discover hidden fossils. While experts are saying this decision is irresponsible, it is a new opportunity for tourism in the region. Expeditions will be led by an experienced guide, and miners are not allowed to be left unattended. This decision comes after Sinnoh’s Tourism Bureau reported decreasing numbers of people visiting from surrounding regions. The networks are expansive and considered stable and safe. Why not try it out?”


“Pokémon have been sighted fleeing Chargestone Cave today. Scientists are reporting that the magnetic field has been disrupted, although there is no word yet on what has caused it. There has been no reported construction in the area, and seismic activity is stable. The mayor of Mistralton has prohibited access to the cave and warns trainers travelling in the area that frightened wild Pokémon may be encountered and should be approached with caution.”


“A child has gone missing from Laverre City, according to police reports. This is the third child in the area to be reported missing this month, the two other children having been from Dendemille Town. Danny Clayton’s mother said he left Saturday morning to go exploring with his Pokémon, Watchog, and never returned. A search party is currently combing through Routes 15 and 16. If you have any information, please call the hotline number.”


“Po Town is once again plagued by a group of thugs that call themselves Team Skull. Residents have reported being mugged and berated by these bandana-ed menaces! What can we do to stop them? The police seem to be of no help lately, according to residents. Our reporters stopped by yesterday, only to find that no one was there. So we here at Po Radio are urging residents to take back their town, by any means necessary! We are the last defense.”