A Realistic Pokemon RP


When does the roleplay take place, and does it follow the timeline of the games?

ENERGY takes place in present day and we allow liquid time. As video game canon can be confusing and non-linear, we do not follow the timelines or events in any specific games. ENERGY simply uses the setting and canons of the main games, but follows it's own plot line separate of it. We are considered an AU site.

Can I play a video game protagonist?

In keeping with the AU timeline we have created, the video game protagonists do not exist. Dex holders are welcome to be played, however!

Are the villain teams active?

Currently, the only active villain teams are Rocket in Kanto and Skull in Alola. But that doesn’t mean other teams won’t be popping up in the future.

Currently, only Team Grunts may be played. Bosses and admins are non-playable characters.

Can I play a canon character that isn’t listed?

Yes! Just first make sure they're not in our non-playable list. You could even make NPC's, as long as they're from the main game series.

Are there any banned Pokémon?

There aren't any banned Pokémon. However, legendaries are only available through random encounters. They are extremely rare, and there is no guarantee your character will catch a legendary they encounter.

On ENERGY legendary Pokémon are legends and myths. It's possible your character may have seen one before, and many people have stories, but catching them is nearly impossible.

Can we have shinies?

You can have one shiny per member that is not caught through random encounter. Otherwise, they are only available through random encounters. They are slightly more common, and much easier to catch, but still rare.

However, regional differences and variations in color patterns are common, and you are free to take liberties with Pokémon's appearances.