A Realistic Pokemon RP


Please register your character's account with the first and last name in proper case. For example: Ash Ketchum. To link accounts, go into "my controls," and under personal profile you'll see "edit subaccounts." Link your character accounts for easy switching!

Your next step is to fill out the profile application. Go to "edit profile info," and input all the necessary information. You can find more details about this step in Registration. Once you are finished the profile application, post your plotter, and then post in the registration thread. After admins review both the application and shipper, your character will be sorted into the correct member group. Please do not post anywhere on site except for the plotter area or to claim reserves before a character is accepted.

Now that you're accepted, it's time to post your claims.

All set! Now get to posting.


Please post at least once every two weeks to make sure your account stays active! You must post in a regular thread, not a communication thread, in order for it to count toward activity. You must post twice every two weeks for canon characters, and twice a month for original characters. These posts must be in a regular thread, and games do not count toward activity for either canons or OCs.

If you do not meet this requirement, and haven't posted an absence, your account will be labeled inactive and your claims forfeit. Please post in the Moderation thread to have them restored. You will need to post in a thread with the character before we they will be sorted as active.

You will always be welcomed back! Accounts are never deleted. If a canon goes inactive, the account name will be replaced by the player's name.


ENERGY is a mature site, and all players must be 18 years and older. Graphic violence, sexuality, and dialogue is permitted, but keep in mind that's not all there is to this site.

Please make sure to tag any potentially triggering threads and posts in either the title, or the top of the post. Use your best judgement here! If something might be sensitive, be considerate and tag. Some examples of sensitive topics are suicide, death, homophobia, rape, and sexual assault.


Real life face claims only are allowed on ENERGY! This means celebrities, models, musicians, etc. are acceptable. There is a tentative +5/-5 year rule for character ages, so please try to keep your character age in close relation to the face claim age.

The avatar is 250x400, the gif is 100x100, and the main profile image is 200x200. Your gif will resize, just make sure that it is square.


Canons and originals are both welcome on this site!

All characters must be 18+. There is no cap to how many characters you can make. If the staff feel as though a member cannot handle the number of characters they have, we will address it. However, the goal is to allow as much freedom as possible to members.


ENERGY is a no word count site, where any writing style is accepted. Feel free to post one-liners, or one-hundred liners! It might help to discuss with your partner before threading so you both can have a sense of what you want from a thread.


When posting an open thread, make sure to put the tag energyopen anywhere in the post. There is an open threads list in the navigation bar dropdown, and when you click on it, you will be able to see all the threads that are open to replies. However, this will only work if the phrase energyopen is somewhere in the post!


This goes without saying, but please be respectful of your fellow members. We take harassment and bullying seriously, and we want this to a fun environment for everyone to enjoy.

Please PM an admin if you have any questions! But first, check out our FAQ to se if your question has already been addressed.