A Realistic Pokemon RP


Wild Pokémon encounters are randomly generated. While members may start a thread specifically for encounters, random encounters may happen in any in-character thread! Threads can opt-out from having a random encounter by putting NRE in the description or the actual thread. These encounters won’t all be battle encounters. A character might find an injured Pokémon! A Wingull might poop on their head! Encounters are relatively common and can sometimes be a nuisance.

However, you are allowed to solo an encounter and have your character catch Pokémon without staff involvement.

There will also be chances to encounter and possibly catch legendaries, but those will be extremely rare. Legendaries are not allowed to be caught outside of random encounters, unlike other Pokémon. Members are allowed to encourage and build their own teams. Your character does not need to only catch randomly generated Pokémon for their team. Your character may have a slowpoke that they did not catch in-game, for instance. As long as you keep teams reasonable, members are allowed to give their characters Pokémon and come up with histories for themselves.


Battles will not be moderated or guided by admins as we are statless. However, there is the option to use dice rolls. Otherwise, members may decide between themselves how a battle will proceed and who will win.

Items are allowed in battles, unless decided against beforehand. However, if a Pokémon is revived, they are still not fit to battle and to send a revived Pokémon out to fight is against League rules and considered cruelty.


Trainer vs Trainer battles are usually not refereed, and therefore the participants decide on the rules. There are still general rules that most trainers follow in order to make it an equal match.

  • Number of Pokémon to be used is decided before the match.
  • The challenger moves second, after the person they asked for a battle with.
  • Money is only exchanged if it is agreed to beforehand. This is a trainer tradition, but not everyone participates in it.


Gym battles that are League sanctioned must follow League guidelines. However, each Gym has its own set of rules, and these rules may be different from Gym to Gym. Leaders may decide on how many Pokémon are to be used in a battle, which items are acceptable, and allowable moves.

Gym battles do not necessarily have to be fought in the order of the games. However, some Gyms may have requirements for how many badges a trainer must have before they can challenge the Gym. Make sure to research the Gym of a city before challenging!


An important part of being a Pokémon trainer is, of course, training! Just like random encounters and battles, this is not staff moderated. It is up to the player how they wish for a character to progress. There is always the option for a closed, solo threads.

There is no limit to how many moves a Pokémon may know and learn. But realistically, there will only be a few moves that a pokémon may be skilled at, and other moves that are not as powerful if they are used less often and not used during training.

TMs in this world are simply guides that help trainers teach their Pokémon moves they would not learn naturally.


Most people think of the League just as the Elite Four, but it is a lot more than that! The Pokémon League oversees all things training and battling. The League owns the Gyms across all regions, except for the ones that are not sanctioned. They are responsible for rules and regulations pertaining to battles, and see that these rules are enforced.

There are League offices in every city with a Gym and a headquarters in every region. Gyms are inspected annually unless an issue is brought to attention, in which case inspections will come sooner.

The Elite Four is the last challenge a trainer faces before the Champion, and the process in choosing these four top trainers is selective and intense. Those who defeat them, and the Champion, become Champion themselves.


Training and challenging Gyms is a tradition in the Pokémon world, and many teenagers leave home once they turn eighteen to try and become a Pokémon League champion.

It is a difficult path full of hardships and struggle. While traveling is easier in more urbanized regions, young trainers find it difficult to survive in the wild, especially if they do not plan ahead or have not attended Trainer School. Many set out unprepared, and return home unsuccessful.

But there are some who will succeed and become Champions. The road to the Elite Four is difficult, but there are plenty of resources in place for trainers, including Pokémon Centers, Poké Marts, and rest houses. To afford supplies, trainers will often take odd jobs or sponsorships from companies when taking the League challenge.

Trainers must be 18+ in order to take the gym challenge and travel. If they ran away from home to become a trainer, they would have been caught by the police or the League.


Trainer school is not an all-day school. Rather, it is an extracurricular funded by the Pokémon League, with students attending on Saturdays from 9am to 11am. The program is available for students age ten-to-sixteen-years-old, and classes include survival techniques such as building fires and finding shelter, respecting fellow trainers and Pokémon, and of course, learning how to battle. Think of it as Girl and Boy Scouts, except in the Pokémon world!

Many top trainers have attended Trainer School, but it is in no way mandatory to attend to become a trainer.


People in every region keep Pokémon as pets and companions. However, some Pokémon are more domesticated than others. It is more likely for a family to have a Skitty, for instance, than a Doublade.

It is considered unwise to take Pokémon in from the wild in order to raise as pets, just as it is to take in wild animals, but some have a soft spot for strays. Domesticated Pokémon should be taken to a Pokémon Center for vaccines and shots when needed, and are cared for just as any other pet would be.


As this roleplay focuses on the wide world of Pokémon, and not just trainers, here is a suggested list of occupations!
Daycare Owner/Worker
League Official
Pokémon Rights Activist
Trainer School Instructor